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Both the 3/8" and 3/4" resolver are ruggedly constructed with a
through-shaft design with internal bearings at the front and back of the

The 3/8" resolver is best used on applications where it is being coupled
directly to an existing rotary cam box, where a pillow block arrangement
exists, or being driven with a rubber timing belt and pulleys,

The 3/4" keyed shaft is best suited for applications where a sprocket and
chain drive is used or for a direct attachment to the end of a crankshaft
using a coupler.


The ISB Resolver is a rotary sensor that decodes the absolute position of a machine crankshaft. The ISB Resolver has been designed to withstand the harsh environment found on metal stamping and fabricating machinery. ISB's design incorporates a solid through shaft design that is supported with bearings at the front and back of the resolver.


Rugged NEMA 13 housing
Brushless size 25
3/8" diameter shaft, heavy duty
Noise immune ratio-metric converter
Shock vibration resistant
Absolute position sensing
Cable up to 2500 ft with MS connector
Short and open circuit protection
Maximum Resolver speed 2500 RPM
NEMA 4 rating optional


Optional Hardware

Mounting Bracket
P/N: 02-0339
Spring Loaded Base
P/N: 56-0699

A Resolver can be mounted using the above resolver mounting bracket and installed on a spring loaded base.
This is suggested when a large diameter sprocket and heavy chain is used to drive the resolver.

Connector and Cable

The resolver utilizes a military connector and cable assembly in a variety of lengths listed below.

Length: Part Number:
20ft 55-0556-020
30ft 55-0556-030
50ft 55-0556-050
100ft 55-0556-100