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Dual Press Safety Valves


The ISB GPA Dual Safety Valves are designed with an intrinsically dynamic safety control system that meets or exceeds European Standard EN-692, OSHA and ANSI Requirements for use on pneumatically operated power presses. These dual safety valves are ruggedly constructed and have European Safety Certification that exceeds many of the other competitive brands of valves on the market, and yet the GPA Valves are affordably priced.

The ISB Valves continuously internally monitor themselves with each operation. In the event that the valve detects a malfunction, the valve will self-lock and will only reset itself when power is removed and the normal operation is restored. An auxiliary external pressure monitoring system with manual reset is available as an option. Two optional pressure switches are required for this option.

The ½", ¾" and 1" Valves are available in stock for immediate delivery. Dual Safety Valves are supplied standard with 120VAC Solenoids and connectors with built-in varistors. Optional 24VDC Solenoids can be provided.

Model Size Part Number 120VAC Part Number 240VAC
313MEP-A-50 ½" 56-3010-110 56-3010-110-24
314MEP-A-52 ¾" 56-3010-220 56-3010-220-24
316MEP-A-50 1" 56-3010-330 56-3010-330-24

Muffler for ½" and 3/4" Valves
P/N: 56-3020-02
Muffler for 1" Valves
P/N: 56-3020-03


Function: 3/2 NC
Construction type: poppet
Pilot system: electopneumatic inter
Fluid: filtered and lubricated air
Materials: body aluminum gaskets polyurethane and NBR
Conectors: with varistors
Mounting Position: vertical pilots
Temperature range: -10ºC + 50ºC
Monitoring circuit: inherent, dynamic
Reset: automatic


Model Nominal
Connections Working Pressure Operations Mass Power consuption
(each coil)
A P R min psi max psi no./1' kg DC W AC(VA)
313MEP-A-50 10 1/2" 3/8" 1" 30 120 200 2.2 6 16 10
314MEP-A-52 20 3/4" 1/2" 1" 30 120 180 3.8 9 23 14
316MEP-A-50 30 1" 3/4" 1.5" 30 120 160 7.5 9 23 14

A: Operating Port P: Intake R: Exhaust