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The ARC-BEAM II Part ejection detector (PED) has been developed to detect small air ejected parts. The system consists of a converter, a receiver and emitter Fiber Optic Amplifier, and Fiber Optic Sensors as shown above.

The Fiber optic sensors are connected to the amplifier by an adapter block and set screw assembly. The different size fiber optic sensors are interchangeable. The amplifiers and converters are very ruggedly constructed but should be mounted away from the harsh environment of the die area. The fiber optic sensors contain no electronics, lenses, mirrors, etc. thereby making them extremely durable. Therefore the fiber optic sensors can be mounted directly to the die.


High Sensitivity; Will detect parts as small as .010" (.25mm)
High Electrical noise immunity
Many sizes of interchangeable fiber optic sensors
Adjustable sensitivity
Modulated infrared L.E.D. source
Speed of part does not affect operation
Automatically adjusts to eliminate constant manual readjustment of sensitivity due to changes in cleanliness of the sensors


Operating Voltage 15 to 24 VDC at 180mA
Response Time 1 Millisecond
Output Pulse Duration 1–20 Milliseconds
Output Isolated miniature normally open relay contact
Minimum Bending Radius 1" for Fiber Optic Cable

Fiber Optic Sensors


Sensor Height P/N
ISBLite ARC-BEAM II Part Ejection Detector Sensor 3/8" Thru-Scan 90-0033
ISBLite ARC-BEAM II Part Ejection Detector Sensor 1�" Thru-Scan 90-0030
ISBLite ARC-BEAM II Part Ejection Detector Sensor 3" Thru-Scan 90-0031
ISBLite ARC-BEAM II Part Ejection Detector Sensor 5" Thru-Scan 90-0032


An extremely rugged self-contained version of the ARC-BEAM II is available. This version is only available in the 5" sensing height. The emitter and receiver amplifiers are contained within the custom built housing along with the fiber optic sensor heads, therefore no fiber optic cables leave the protective housing. Two electrical cable assemblies (P/N: 55-0521-010) are required to connect each of the self-contained heads to the bottom of the converter box.

ARC-BEAM II Converter Box
P/N: 90-0040-003
5" Thru-Scan Self-Contained Sensor
P/N: 90-0032-003