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RBPC Press Controls

The ISB RBPC (Resolver Based Press Control) was recently debuted and contains features normally only found in much higher priced products. The ISB RBPC Control has a compact design for easy installation. The entire press control and automation package, including the operator interface is self-contained in a panel-mount housing that could fit into your brief case. The entire control measures 12" x 7.3" x 1.8" and often can be mounted on the existing power box or console. Optional enclosures are also available. All Electrical connections are made utilizing plug-in terminal blocks for easy installation by most Plant maintenance personnel, as well as allowing for easy field serviceability. The RBPC control is equipped with automatic top stop compensation, which means no more adjusting of complicated cam switch timing every time you change jobs or press speed and this feature also makes the initial installation very easy. The very user-friendly operator interface has a 4-line LCD readout that is easy to read and displays complete fault messages and operator prompting. ISB RBPC Controls can accommodate multiple palm button stations and electric foot switches. Modes of operation, such as, Inch, Timed Inch, Single Stroke, Auto-Continuous, Auto Single Stroke (for feed lead press applications), and Kwik Trip are included. A brake monitoring system as well as Light Curtain and barrier guard circuitry is standard. RBPC units can be used in English or Spanish language modes.

Built-in Die Protection channels (4) and Programmable Limit Switch channels (4) are included. An additional 21 die protection channels and 8 PLS Channels are available if additional channels are required. The programmable limit switches can be used with built-in timers and counters in order to provide the ultimate versatility. Numerous counters and hour meters allow for users to run production automatically and allow for Scheduling of preventative maintenance. All RBPC units have 300-job storage capability, making it easier to save previous set-ups. Multiple levels of password protection give Press Operators only the level of access that they need, while Set-up and Supervisor Personnel have their own levels of password protection. RBPC Units are equipped with internal fault message logging, which gives data of the last 1000 reasons that caused your press to shut down. A serial port is standard with all RBPC units to allow for upgrading of the operating system, or to provide back up and restore functions for stored data. Computer network capability is available as an option, either through an Ethernet hard-wired connection, or by utilizing wireless technology. If the ISB RBPC is equipped with this option, the system's internal operating system is encrypted with all the software you will ever need to access this control's data from a remote location. You don't need to buy any extra piece of software or hardware to make it work, just turn on your wireless laptop computer, and you're done! Each control will have its own IP address and by utilizing your PC's Internet Explorer, you can access the RBPC and monitor all the parameters of the control.For more information on the components click on the /1/images/Products below:

Panel Mount Controller Features

Built-in brake monitor that displays stopping time & stopping angle
Automatically compensates to stop press at top of stroke even when varying press speed or die weight.
Multi-color LED Circular display array shows press position and displays PLS & Die protection settings.
Built-in PLS Channels (4) , each with 4 dwell settings that are angle on/ angle off and include a maximum time setting and speed compensation feature.
Built-in Die protection channels (4), each with multiple dwell inputs that are universally programmable for function and stop type.
Additional PLS and die protection Channels available using external circuit boards.
Built-in 300 job storage capability. Each job stored will contain press parameters such as operating mode, PLS settings, die protection settings, brake settings, counter info and much more!
Multi-level password protection; Operator level, set-up level, and supervisor level.
Numerous built-in counters; total strokes, batch, quality, total faults, running time, etc.
Fault messages and working conditions recording. Fault codes, hour meters, last stopping times and a variety of other faults are stored internally for troubleshooting, etc.
Message center, LCD 4 line, will prompt operator and display user information and settings
Durable keypad, 27 keys.
Every control has built in firmware for power presses, Mechanical press brakes with treadle mode, or 2-speed air clutch press brakes, which is menu selectable by installer.
Standard built-in operating modes; Inch, Single Stroke, Continuous, Auto Single Stroke and Timed inch.
Automatic stroke stop for press brakes.
Standard built-in actuating modes; 2 hand controls (2 sets), Electric foot switch (2 ) & Treadle on mechanical press brakes.
All modes selectable through keypad.
All electrical connections made from the back of the panel using plug-in Phoenix Terminal Blocks.
Compact design is easy to install and user friendly
Meets or exceeds OSHA, ANSI and CSA Control Reliability Requirements.

Optional Enclosures

Consolete and Optional Floor Mounting Pedestals
Contains 2 Run buttons, an Emergency Stop Button, a Top Stop Button, and a Continuous Preset Button

RBPC in our standard free-standing enclosure
Installed on a mechanical press brake, and also equipped with a Merlin 3000 Light Curtain guaring package and ISB Built Light Curtain Mounting Brackets.