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Merlin 3000 Controller: Designed Specifically for Press Brake Guarding

How Press Brake Guarding Works

This unique concept pioneered by ISB can learn the flange pattern and automatically create a window exactly the size required and only during a specific cycle. The opening may change from stroke to stroke, automatically, determined by the processor, not your operator or setup personnel. No decisions... No errors... No complications... The system can be used on both mechanical and hydraulic press brakes. It's simple, fast, reliable, and no extra set-up time is required. Press brakes will safely operate at their current fast speed range. Furthermore, you can store you setup or program, the choice is yours...

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The Merlin MT 3000 Controllers are designed to operate with the Merlin "T" Series Light Curtain Columns. This unit contains very reliable dual-redundant microprocessor based circuitry, including two captive-contact safety control relays. A switching power supply design allows these controllers to perform properly from 90 – 250 VAC. This advanced design allows for a quick reaction time of less than 15 milliseconds and yet is insensitive to voltage fluctuations, ambient light, smoke, oil vapors, strobe lights and weld flash. A multi-line vacuum fluorescent display makes this product simple to use and displays any fault conditions or operator prompting.

This product contains firmware and features that are designed specifically for press brake guarding applications. A press brake is a difficult machine to guard because the part profile is changing from step to step, but the Merlin 3000's ability to learn the part profile while the initial part is being manufactured has revolutionized this process.


Built-in Learn mode to teach part profile
Once part profile is taught, part must be present in proper sequence and orientation in order to operate the press brake
16 steps per part can be taught and stored in memory so that Light Curtain learns shape of the part
Up to 243 job numbers can be stored in internal memory, with each job having up to 16 steps per part
Built-in muting to allow Merlin to ignore the wiping up of parts during the bending process; a top of stroke signal and a mute signal are required from the press brakes controller
Floating beam allows for flanges of less than 1" to pass through
Floating beam also allows for sheet metal that is not perfectly flat to pass through
Reaction time of less than 15 milliseconds
Alphanumeric display for operator prompting
Two field replaceable Captive contact output relays
Password protected to lock out functions from unauthorized users
Category 4 safety system that complies with OSHA 1910.217, ANSI B11.3, ANSI B11.19, CSA Z142 requirements
3 Year Warranty on electronics