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Company History

ISB was founded and incorporated in 1972. The concept of developing a guard, using a collimated beam of infrared lights & photo diodes, evolved as a result of one engineer’s commitment and dedication to prevent the operators of hazardous equipment from circumventing the use of cumbersome and obstructive mechanical guards, when not supervised.

1972, ISB was the first company to use LED’s (light emitting diodes) to develop a safety light curtain. Over the years the ISB product and development team has produced several generations of light curtains in compliance to industry regulatory changes and market demands.

1980, ISB lead the development of non-PLC, microprocessor based, press and press brake controls with particular attention to safety, productivity and ease of replacing old archaic mechanical relay controls.

1985, ISB developed and patented a unique product, softouch, to initiate the cycle of a machine safely and reliably reducing injuries related to carpal syndrome.

2001, ISB developed one of the most compact and economical resolver based press control with networking capabilities.

2012, ISB introduces in the market the MX4000, a Type 4 Safety Light Curtains.